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2 years ago · by · Comments Off on Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Home insurance concept.

Congratulations on making one of the best investments of your life: home ownership! Now it’s time to look at your next great investment: Home Owner’s Insurance. When deciding on the right home owner’s insurance policy, it’s important to keep some little thought of facts in mind. Together, let’s go beyond the basics of home owner’s insurance.

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail… While none of these things will prevent a postal working from making their appointed rounds, they may keep you from enjoying your home for years to come. And while snow and sleet are not things we worry much about in Florida, we do have an added consideration: Hurricane Season. Contact us for a review of your current policy as well as a personalized list of recommendations to best protect your Florida lifestyle.

Coverage has limits. Having homeowner’s insurance is required but the level required might not be enough to replace all of your losses. The only way to be sure you have enough coverage is to speak with your agent and review exactly how you want your home owner’s insurance policy to perform in the event of a loss. They can then expertly guide you to a policy that will meet your expectations.

Home owner’s insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Many home owner’s insurance policies can be made more affordable by simple additions to your home that you may want to invest in any way. Home security systems, impact resistant windows, and a host of other options can lower your costs while they increase the value of your home. Want to know the full list of upgrades and how each can positively impact the cost of insurance? Speak to your agent today!

Changing policies does not have to be painful. If you decide you want better coverage, the process to obtain it is simple when you’re working with a qualified insurance expert like those you’ll find here, at First Insurance of Florida. Our agents will work tirelessly to ensure that you have the best coverage possible and that your policy stays up-to-date as your family’s needs grow and change.