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Home Insurance

Congratulations on making one of the best investments of your life: home owner-ship! Now it's time to look at your next great investment: Home Owner's Insurance. When deciding on the right home owner's insurance policy, it's important to keep some little thought of facts in mind. Together, let's go beyond the basics of home owner's insurance.

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Auto Insurance

Choosing an auto insurance policy doesn't have to be difficult, With our vast knowledge of local and state requirements, we expertly guide our clients to the policy that will best met their needs. First Insurance of Florida works with a variety of companies to insure our clients' vehicles so we're always aware of the best policies available as well as the best rates.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance appears to be a luxury until it becomes a necessity. Few are eager to discuss their own mortality yet we remain eager to discuss our hopes and dreams for our family's future so let's discuss that instead. Most people envision home and auto ownership, and children decked out in cap and gown, college degree in hand, as indispensable elements of their future goals. The choices you make today will secure your vision regardless of circumstances. Life insurance is not a luxury item; it is a necessary component to achieving your highest aspirations.

Get a Life Insurance Quote!

Business Insurance

As a business owner, you understand that you face risks every day. So do we and we're here to help meet your insurance needs. Since First Insurance of Florida is a small business itself, there is no other company that better understands the insurance needs of the small business owner. Since our company is constantly growing and expanding, we have our eye on the future as well and already understand how needs change as the business grows from small to large. Every potential risk you face as a business owner has a policy available to address it.

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What our Clients Say

First Insurance of Florida is a professional organization dedicated to providing clients with the best insurance solution possible while striving to make every interaction a positive experience. Here's what some of our clients have to say:

It isn't everyday that I endorse someone, so please understand how passionate I feel about this young man. Michael Rodriguez, my new insurance agent, just saved Steve and I a whole lot of money on our auto, home, and flood insurance. The coverage he provided was the same as our old, and in the home coverage better for less money.

Roberta, Voxellab Studio

Keep your eye on this website! This company will give you updates on latest insurance updates and how to save on insurance premiums. Michael is truly professional and does his best using his knowledge to accommodate all your needs.


Michael was a wonderful and efficient sales agent. I highly recommend his services. He saved me quite a lot of money and was wonderful to deal with.


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